Bienvenue ! 
JEM Bruxelles Revive est situé à l’entrée du Jubelpark au cœur de Bruxelles.
Nous sommes entourés d’ambassades et de bâtiments gouvernementaux – le Parlement européen n’est qu’à cinq minutes à pied.
Des expatriés, des étudiants, des gouverneurs et des écoliers passent devant notre porte tous les jours.
Il y a aussi des restaurants savoureux dans notre rue, ce qui signifie que l’odeur des frites monte souvent sur nos balcons !

What we do

Temple Espresso Bar

New in Brussels: The Temple Espresso Bar is our newly refurbished café space, serving you quality coffee. Open during the day for coffee and in the evening for live music – Come and enjoy the vibe! 
Avenue des Celtes 17, next to metro station ‘Merode’. 

Message Media Bookshop

The bookshop is open from Tuesday – Saturday and sells literature, Bibles, multimedia and inspirational gifts. Service is offered in French, Dutch and English, with some literature available in Spanish as well. Serving Brussels for 35 years already!

Football & Fitness Internship

”We recognize that we are a generation that is sometimes known to prefer a ‘microwave’ approach to life and is not always ready to fight for the important things. In this Football & Fitness Internship we’d like to invest time training together and pushing boundaries in our sport – Learning that God’s cause is worth fighting for!
Three month’ Internship focussing on football, running, fitness & cycling!

Dance Internship

For pre-professional and professional dancers!
Join us and use your dance skill to reach Brussels and Europe. Three months of learning about the importance of dance in the Kingdom of God – Training in different styles like ballet, modern, contemporary and jazz. Get ready to encounter God in a powerful way, perform on stages or street corners, worship Him with your whole heart and sweat until breakthrough comes! 

Summer of Missions

The Summer of Missions is a 9 week long outreach designed for those who long to actively use their skill to create community and build kingdom in Brussels!
Tracks: Sports // Dance // Barista // Mercy Ministry // Music //
We engage in the life of the city through various projects!
Think of giving a dance workshop to refugee kids; playing football with muslim youth; making cappuchino’s for the homeless; playing worship at our café or in the middle of the street, and more!
Sign up now with your youth group, school group, or individually!

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