‘Message Media’

Located on the ground floor of our building, the ‘MessageMedia’ bookshop is a lively, friendly resource centre for literature. Established in Brussels 34 years ago, it is the largest bookshop of its kind in the area!
MessageMedia serves churches, pastors, students and individuals with recource material in French, Dutch, English and Spanish.


The bookshop is equipped with a wide variety of Bibles, and a broad range of books by leading authors, which impact the lives of millions around the world as they cover issues dealing with the diverse strands of the Christian life. Genres like: Biographies, Christian Living, Prayer, Theology, Holy Spirit, Marriage, Family Life, Counseling, Leadership and much more.
We also offer inspirational gifts for every occasion, which include greeting cards, coffee mugs, plaques, picture frames, jewelery and a variety of other gifts.


The bookshop also has an exciting selection for children. There you find beginners’ Bibles, DVDs and easy to read books with stories of different Bible characters. We also have a variety of Sunday school material.


The materials are available in English, French and Dutch with a small Spanish section.


In a relaxed, calm atmosphere, those who visit MessageMedia are able to browse through books, listen to music, watch videos or even have a coffee while chatting with a friendly member of our staff.


Tuesday – Friday:  10.00 – 18.00
Saturday:  10.00 – 16.00


Avenue des Celtes, 21, Keltenlaan Bruxelles
1040 Brussel

// Tel:  02 734 21 62
// Website:
// E-mail: info@messagemedia.be

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