‘Football & Fitness’

The ‘Football & Fitness Internship’ is starting again in 2019! Dates:
// June – August 2020 //

Three months of urban culture, discipleship training, challenging teaching and following Gods voice in the city.

Training in running, football and fitness. Forming a sports club at one of Brussels’ main parks, in between parliament buildings, European expats and refugees.

The Football and Fitness Internship is designed to make a way for every student to work out and excercise at their own pace and level. God has given us muscles for a reason, let’s use them for Him!

During the Football and Fitness Internship we will use sports as a way to reach the community. We’ll go out to play football at the nearby park, where youth from many different religious backgrounds come together to play. Friendship is a great base to reach the people of Brussels.
Some hours a week are invested in teachings on topics like ‘Sports and the prophetic’, ‘Being led by the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Discipline and discipleship’.
We’ll even train at our newly built ‘base gym’ !


Key Elements

1. Learning perseverance
In a generation that doesn’t like to fight for things anymore but prefers to have a ‘microwave’ approach to life, we’d like to invest time in training together and pushing boundaries in our sport, so that students can learn that Gods cause is worth fighting for!
Perseverance makes you finish the race.

2. Going out of our comfort zone
We want to stir something more in every student, challenging them on a daily basis and making sure they don’t stay in their comfort zone. We believe everyone who has gone to do great things for God, has had to get out of their comfort zone to do so and in the way we train (through sports) we aim to wake people up to a call that is larger than their own lives!

3. Community focus
Instead of sports being all about the athlete and about our eating rhythm, muscles and how strong we are, we want to shift the focus from ourselves to Jesus and put Him in the centre, which makes that we will use sports as a tool to connect people to Him. 
He is the source!

A typical day in the Football & Fitness Internship

A typical day might look like this:

  • Wake up
  • Quiet time
  • Team worship / devotional
  • Football & Fitness training
  • Lunch
  • Work duty
  • Personal study / creating time / discipleship
  • Dinner
  • Evening outreach or dance outreach prep
Internship Details + Application

The football and fitness internship is a three month ‘taste of missions’ through sports. These three months are split up into a ‘preparation phase’ and an ‘outreach phase’. The first phase is in Brussels and will include activities in and around our base and the city. Part of the outreach will be in one of Europe’s influential cities!

Cost: €2300,- (Incl. accommodation, food and some local transportation costs). This cost doesn’t include air tickets or transportation to and from outreach. There is a €30 registration fee (due with the application, non-refundable).

Visa: If you have a European passport, you do not need a visa to join the Football & Fitness Internship. If you are not European, you will need a visa to attend, and should apply in advance of the school in order to receive your visa. A DTS is not required to participate in the Sports and Fitness internship.

Email & Registration: info@ywambrussels.be
Facebook: YWAM Sports

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