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YWAM – ‘Youth with a Mission’ is a movement of young people going all over the world to help transform society. It was started in the 60’s by a couple from the United States, Loren and Darlene Cunningham.
Since the start, YWAM has grown exponentially, giving hundreds of thousands of young people the opportunity to serve God and engage in mission work.
As we speak, YWAM has over 15.000 full time staff working at more than 1100 locations in over 180 countries in the world! YWAM trains upwards of 25,000 short-term mission volunteers annually.

Here at YWAM in Brussels, we train students in Internship programs and in ‘DTS’ – Discipleship Training Schools.

Two of our main ministries are in the areas of SPORS and DANCE :
// ‘Remedy Sports’ Remedy Sports Facebook Page
// ‘Home in the Marsh’ Dance’ Home in the Marsh’ Dance Facebook page

We love staying active! We use our skills in these areas of passion to reach young people in Brussels and Belgium – Through giving free fitness classes in the park for example, or teaching kids how to dance. We have a heart for the homeless and the refugees, and love to get nerdy about coffee in our caf called ‘Temple Espresso Bar’ or read a good book – Coming from our bookshop ‘MessageMedia’.

There’s much more to read about the history of YWAM as a global movement, starting with the book ‘Is it really you, God?’ in which the vision is explained, written by Loren Cunningham.

Go to the ends of the earth

‘YWAM-ers’ travel to disaster affected areas like war zones or places where earthquakes have hit and offer practical help and care.

YWAM ships sail out to far away places and islands where very little infrastructure has been built, and practical help is offered to the local communities.
Within YWAM there are translators who translate the Bible into the languages of different tribes and people groups.

YWAM has a number of art schools and art companies. YWAM Doctors and nurses travel to remote areas to offer free health care. Through the initiative of YWAM-ers, water wells are dug, houses built, pioneering teams established in cities from Vladivostok in Russia to Ushuaia in the south of Argentina. YWAM has it’s own international renown university, called ‘University of the Nations’.
You can apply to courses from all over the world, to all over the world.
YWAM staff are chefs, photographers, professors, hippies, students and families.

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