Remedy Sports

Remedy Sports is a group of athletes based in Brussels, training to connect and be present at key events in the city like the Belfius Brussels marathon, the 20 kilometers of Brussels and other sport events.

Meaning of the word ‘Remedy’:
To correct, repair, mend. To put right something that has been distorted or unevenly built over time.

At Remedy there’s a place for everyone who is passionate about sports – from running to football to cycling to fitness. We create a space for anyone who is open to be challenged and wants to build community.
Remedy Sports looks to redeem people in their talent. We create ways for people to be encouraged, challenged to step up the game and pushed beyond limits!
The human body is created in such a tremendous way, it’s made to push boundaries and to be strengthened.
We’ve been created with muscles for a reason – God wants us to grow strong – in Him.

In today’s society we’ll find a general message through most sport advertisements – sadly enough, the focus is usually narrow and only on appearance and on the individual.
But we believe that through sports one can learn about identity, calling, purpose, discipline and much more, if we allow God to be the centre!

Our bodies are a temple for God. We’re meant to take care of our bodies and treat them with respect, without idolising the body. 

We’re also called to celebrate and enjoy life with one another.
Where do these two realities meet? Come and train with Remedy at the Jubel park (Parc du Cinquantenaire) to find out more!


How can you join?

Remedy Sports is a ministry of YWAM Brussels Revive, active throughout the whole year. Here are some ways in which you can partner with us:

1. We give free fitness classes open to the public in Brussels’ Parc du Cinquantenaire on Wednesdays at 6.30PM!

2. Once a year we host the ‘Football & Fitness Internship’ to students from around the world, who come and train with us for three months at a time. We also host a ‘Sports DTS’ !

3. Join us in prayer for this ministry or support us financially, so that we can continue to be present at relevant events and preach Gods love in a practical way!

4. We are always looking for staff who are equipped in different kinds of sports! Our only requirement is that you love God more than your skill!

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