Home in the Marsh’ Dance Company


‘Home in the Marsh’ is a pioneering dance team at YWAM Brussels! 
We train mainly in modern/contemporary dance styles but also experiment with other styles like urban dance and circus skills!

Home in the Marsh’ dance company is available to perform at your local church, in your youth group, during a worship event, at a street festival or in theatres. 

Where God opens the doors, there we will go. 
Over the summer we have been performing and serving at several events: ‘Paris je t’aime open air theatre in central Paris, ‘Sofa & Zo’ Prayer week in Hechtel, Belgium and ‘Bones camp and the Notting Hill Carnival’ in London, U.K. 

Our heart is to see lives touched and transformed as we bring Gods presence through movement. We are passionate about worshipping God as the Creator and Healer of our lives, and we love doing this together with others. 

You can also hire us to teach workshops in different dance styles like classical ballet, modern and contemporary. 
Twice a year we host a three month’ Internship for Intermediate/Advanced level dancers: during those three months we train students who are passionate about dance in different styles. There’s classes on nutrition, dance improvisation and choreography. Together the students create a piece which they performe in different European cities, including our own. Be ready for anything between a spontaneous street corner performance and a set up stage..

With the ‘Home in the Marsh’ dance company we aim to create choreography with a story that is relevant in the society we form part of. We long to touch on topics like poverty, emptiness, depression and other tendencies of our culture. Dance being more than something that looks beautiful or entertaining, we know it is a powerful tool to reach our generation and to wake people up to a revolution..

‘Therefore we are always confident, for we live by faith, not by sight.’ 
2 Corinthians 5: 1

How can you join ?
  1. Come and take our Modern dance class if you’d like to check us out – infoywambrussels@gmail.com
  2. Join us in prayer or support us financially – So that we can continue to invest in Brussels and Belgium, using dance to bring healing and transformation !
  3. Train with us for three months during one of the Dance Internships or Dance DTS’s. 
  4. Join us as a dance staff member. Intermediate dance level is required, and above all a heart to serve God with your skills!