Football and Fitness Internship


Upcoming dates:
// November – December 2023 //

YWAM Brussels is located just a short walk away from great facilities including three cages (for football), one running track and one 11a-side football pitch. There’s a lot of youth from different ethnic backgrounds who are most likely spending more time on the football pitch than at home.

God has given us as a base a heart for these people and we are creating platforms to fruitfully invest in the lives of these youth! We are also blessed with a fully equipped fitness space on base!


Over the course of a week we will be serving at the YWAM base, serving in the city (homeless/refugees), take part in key teachings about topics like ‘Identity’, ‘Fatherheart’ and spend time training together. Sports training up to 10 hours a week. We will train our bodies in different ways like general fitness and work out for strength; running and cardio; football technique drills and tactics, and football match.
Our desire is to create a way for every student to work out and exercise at their own level. God has given us muscles for a reason, let’s use them for Him!”


What else to be prepared for:
During the internship you will be part of an urban community, which means that we closely live together and form a team.
You will most likely share your room and become close mates with your fellow students and staff.
There will be times for personal discipleship and our desire is that each student can develop the skills and gifts that God has placed in their lives and become aware of the mission that God has set before us – To make disciples of all nations, whether we continue our lives in ‘missions’ or not..
We also want to listen to God and learn how to do sports in a healthy way that is pleasing to Him.
We believe that the world’s image of football and fitness puts man in the center, but we desire to do football with Jesus in the center, letting him have the place that He deserves in our lives.


A typical day might look like this:
– Wake up
– Quiet time
– Work duty
– Group teaching
– Lunch
– Sports training
– Personal study / discipleship
– Dinner
– Evening outreach


You do not have to complete a DTS to participate in
the Sports and Fitness internship!