Brussels House of Prayer (BHOP)

Brussels House of PrayerThe vision of BHOP is to see a 24/7 prayer room filled with worship-based prayer which is focused on the beauty of Jesus and declares His Intentions through the scriptures for Brussels, Belgium and Europe.

The vision is to raise up a dynamic community of worshipping intercessors crying out night and day in the very heart of the European District and reaching out to needs of the city. Our commitment is to see full worship teams with musicians, singers, worship and prayer leaders ministering before the Lord in two hour sessions and doing this 24 hours a day seven days a week.

YWAM Brussels is often working alongside BHOP inviting worship leaders from the prayer house, sending visiting teams to prayer sets, etc.

Prayer Night and Day...Mission

  • Worship and adore Jesus Christ 24/7, put Him in the centre of the needs of the country and the nation of Belgium.
  • Pray and intercede for Europe, for the European District, for Justice, for Israel…
  • Reaching out in the city with Treasure Hunts and Evangelism.
  • Worship God through creative arts.
  • Meet as a family for social events and Shabbat evenings every two weeks.


  • Prayer is always welcome.
  • More volunteers to join the different prayer sets

Get involved

You can get involved by coming to some of the scheduled prayer sessions that are happening throughout the week at the prayer room.
You can also come to the “Intro to BHOP” seminar which will give you an overview of the vision and values of the prayer room, answer any questions you may have and connect you to the team.
You can contact the BHOP team if you have any questions.

Address and contact

Boulevard Charlemagne 37,

B-1000 Bruxelles