Let’s Dance!


Are you passionate about dance?
Come and train with us in the Dance Internship!
Daily classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz and choreography.

Next available dates: 
// June – August 2024 //

Three months of dance technique training, discipleship, challenging teaching and following Gods voice in the city. Using choreography to intercede for the city we’re in – be a light on the streets of Brussels. Prepare to perform in different European cities – anything between a spontaneous street corner performance and a set up stage..

The Dance Internship forms part of ‘Home in the Marsh’ dance team at YWAM Brussels Revive.
At ‘Home in the Marsh’ we aim to create choreography with a story that is relevant in the society we form part of.
We long to touch on topics like poverty, emptiness, depression and other tendencies of our culture. Dance being more than something that looks beautiful or entertaining, we know it is a powerful tool to reach our generation and to wake people up to a revolution..

Key Elements

The Dance internship is a three month course for pre-professional and professional dancers who have or have not done a ‘DTS’ with YWAM.
Up to 10 hours per week will be focused on dance training: Getting stronger physically (work out) and training in different styles of dance – Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern and more! 

We teach on the importance of dance in the kingdom of God, we talk about dance and the prophetic, and about how to use dance as a tool to transform society wherever we are called.
We practice using movement and dance in worship, prayer and personal quiet times. We create together and go out for evangelism using dance performance.

Some other key teachings we will go through are on topics like identity and holiness. We will learn about composition, dance improvisation and choreography.
We live in community and serve each other.
We do life together and receive from God and from each other, allowing Him to equip us for our calling. There’s a strong emphasis on personal devotion and discipleship.

This course is specifically for trained dancers. 

A typical day in the Dance Internship

A typical day might look like this:

  • Wake up
  • Quiet time
  • Team worship / devotional
  • Dance training
  • Lunch
  • Work duty
  • Personal study / creating time / discipleship
  • Dinner
  • Evening outreach or dance outreach prep
Internship Details + Application

Cost: €2300,- Including your school fee, housing and food. (Excluding public transport in the city and air tickets to and from Brussels). There is also a €30,- non-refundable deposit fee.

Visa: You do not need a visa to join an Internship in Brussels!

Minimal dance experience and understanding of dance technique is required in order to enrol in the course! Part of your application will be a small portfolio where you can update some photos and videos of your preferred dance style.

We will spend roughly six weeks in training, one – two weeks ‘outreach prep’ and one month outreach in Brussels and Europe. Most teachings will be in English with translation into French!

Email & Registration: infoywambrussels@gmail.com
Facebook: Home in the Marsh’ Dance

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