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The DTS handed out these food bags to the homeless of Brussels this afternoon #wearecalledtoserve #ywambrussels #jembruxelles #withouttouching #foodbags via Instagram on https://ift.tt/3aoTago

Social distancing rules in Brussels make that we have to find different ways of reaching our community – We left these invitations to the gospel in people’s homes today! #brusselsforjesus #ywambrussels #jembruxelles #espoir #hope #quarantaine #quarantainechallenge via Instagram on https://ift.tt/3beMi5l

An ‘empty’ city..! Strict measures are taken in Brussels just like in the rest of the country and throughout the whole continent. Even though many of our plans and schedules have to change, we are thankful to be alive in this time in which we have the opportunity to show the love and healing of Christ in the midst of panic and despair.. He is able! We’ve not been given a spirit of timidity and fear, but of love and self-control. We’re blessed to find PEACE in Him who is above all things! #wearenotafraid #faithoverfear #brusselsforjesus #backoffcorona #ywambrussels #jembruxelles via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2xHrvcj

Que faisons-nous quand tous les pubs, les restaurants et les lieux de divertissements sont fermés.. ? // What to do when all pubs, restaurants and public places are closed.. ? #ywambrussels #jembruxelles via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2vrA3mU

At the end of the week we’re so happy with the progress at @messagemedia.bookshop! Still some work to be done, but we’re blessed with the many volunteers that came around to help – Thanks to all! Can’t wait to open the shop and enjoy the new space together #messagemedia #ywambrussels via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2Ua0WE0

At the end of the week, we are happy with all the work that was finished! Thank you to all the volunteers who came to help from Brussels and Goes, The Netherlands – We appreciate your help so much! Looking forward to open the shop again and enjoy the new space together. It’s not finished yet, but getting close! #messagemedia #ywambrussels #jembruxelles via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2U0R7IA

Hier soir, nous avons organisé un dîner pour les sans-abri au Temple Bar // Yesterday night we hosted a dinner for the homeless at the Temple Bar #templebarbxl #ywambrussels #jembruxelles via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2xygBFz

Our friend Abdul has been such a blessing to the YWAM Brussels’ community !! His painting skills come in very handy in the midst of refurbishments @messagemedia.bookshop #ywambrussels #wearecalledtoserve via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2ILLWH2

Matinée de prière avec les bénévoles – Nous sommes à mi-chemin du projet de rénovation ! Venez voir le résultat bientôt ! De nouvelles couleurs ! // Prayer morning with the volunteers – We’re halfway through the renovation project! Come by to see the result soon! New colours! #messagemedia #ywambrussels via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2TIXPUv

Le début d’une nouvelle semaine ! L’école de disciples travaille sur de nouveaux projets, restez à l’écoute! #ywambrussels #jembruxelles #jembelgique #ywamteaching #brussels #goingdeeper #musicdts #dancedts #sportsdts via Instagram on https://ift.tt/3anwJYD

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