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Good morning and happy New Year from YWAM Brussels ! We’re full of expectation for 2019 and are up to a fresh start of the year – Internship only 6 weeks away !! @ywambrussels #cinquantenairepark #homeinthemarsh #homeinthemarshdance #remedysports via Instagram on http://bit.ly/2Swmp88

Throwback to the summer // Paris outreach ! Photo by Alexandre Rowe via Instagram on http://bit.ly/2V9cpUa

Last ballet class of the year … ! Finish strong – 2018 – Blessed New Year everyone via Instagram on http://bit.ly/2PX8sy1

This lady in the middle on the front is called Beatriz, and it is 30 years ago that she decided to start the counselling ministry @ywambrussels – She’s been running it since then and blessed many people of the French speaking community in Brussels with her commitment to God through this ministry. I won’t mention her age but let’s just say that she’s not 20 anymore .. To the question whether she is planning to retire now, she answers ‘No, I still have a lot of things to do here!’ Although she isn’t involved in the daily life of the base anymore, she continues to counsel people who call on her for help. She’s also writing a book – watch out for it ! Here is a photo of a brunch we had together on Tuesday to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Next to her are some of the people who are / have been working in YWAM and the counselling ministry with her throughout the years. via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2UZK3M4

Last jazz dance class of the year next Wednesday 1.45 – 2.45 PM @ywambrussels ! After that we take a short break for the holidays, coming back on January 9th ! via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2CdJcQu

Early Christmas hang out – why not eat pancakes ! via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2S3fz9U

Located on the ground floor of our building, the ‘MessageMedia’ bookshop is a lively, friendly resource centre for literature. Established in Brussels 25 years ago, it is the largest bookshop of its kind in the area!
MessageMedia serves churches, pastors, students and individuals with recource material in French, Dutch, English and Spanish. In a relaxed atmosphere, those who visit MessageMedia are able to browse through books, listen to music, watch videos or even have a coffee while chatting with a friendly member of our staff.
Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 16.00
Avenue des Celtes, 21, Keltenlaan Bruxelles
1040 Brussel
Tel: 02 734 21 62 / www.messagemedia.be / info@messagemedia.be via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2EgRt8A

@ywambrussels’ newsletter is out .. ! Let us know if you’d like to receive a copy ! #ywambrussels via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2zx7TFD

via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2TGTGyl

Afternoon jazz dance classes 1.45 – 2.45 PM @ Avenue des Celtes 19 – Merode ! #homeinthemarsh #homeinthemarshdance #ywambrussels via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2P0ak8G

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