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The communication team within YWAM Brussels deals with all the corporate communication, both internally and externally. Via this way we want to provide people, who are connected to the YWAM Brussels community, with up-to-date information about things that are happening on the YWAM Brussels base

What do we do?

– Maintaining the website www.ywambrussels.be in 3 languages
– Updating social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+
– Communicating mission opportunities for people to be involved in missions work
– Design of promotional materials of YWAM Brussels ministries
– Making of photos & videos during YWAM Brussels events

What are the current needs of this ministry?

At this moment we’re looking for people who have a heart and a passion for both communication and missions work.

Practically we’re looking for people with skills in the area of:

  • Open Night 2014 - 15 FRStrategic communication
  • Journalism
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Translation (Dutch, English & French)
  • …?

Are you interested to serve JmeO Brussel in one of the areas described above as a fulltime or parttime staf member? Please get in contact with us and we’ll explain you some opportunities.

“Being available is more important that being qualified!

How can you be involved?

Do you want to work as a volunteer in the communication team? That’s possible as well! We’re always looking for people who can help us with:

  • Design of flyers, posters & other promotional material
  • Writing of texts for our brochures & website
  • Updating texts & images on our website
  • Translating texts in 3 different languages (Dutch, English & French)
  • Making photos & videos during events that YWAM Brussels is organizing

Are you interested in one of these things? Please get in contact with us and we’ll explain you some of the opportunities.

Contact info

Contact person: YWAM Brussels Office

Email address: communication@ywambrussels.be

Telephone nummer: +32 (0) 736 33 63