The 4th Musketeer

Together strong

Together strong


Inspiration for every man’s heart and world wide waves of justice.


Physically, mentally and spiritual challenges combined with the message of the 4 C’s:

  1. Christ: Man’s identity in Christ
  2. Clan: Man’s place in his family, father for his children and a husband for his wife.
  3. Church: Man’s responsibilities in church
  4. Community: Man’s fight against injustice


4M_LOGO_RED_reThe 4th Musketeer started in the Netherlands in 2008 and was the idea of… a woman. On an evening in September 2007, Ruth Stoorvogel told her husband, Henk, “Why don’t you start something with men? Not an ordinary men’s ministry but a movement unlike any other men’s movement.” Henk responded, “You’re right, we will do it! And we will call it the 4th Musketeer.” Henk invited his best friends in the Netherlands, Pieter, Theo, and Jan for a visionary dinner at his home and a new concept was developed, inspired by D’Artagnan, the protagonist of the Three Musketeers. An ultimate adventure where men will experience a great physical challenge, mental exhaustion and inspiration was born.

After a team of brave Flemish men came back from their XCC weekend in the Ardennes, we started 4M Belgium at the beginning of 2014.
We want to challenge Belgian men to serve the King as a true Musketeer does.
The founders of 4M Belgium are Henk Stoorvogel, Gideon In’t Veld, Ilja Visee, Tom Helsen, Michael Maekelbergh, Daniel Jacobs and Christiaan van Dorp.

What we do

– The XCC (Extreme Character Challenge)  is not just a weekend. It is a journey where you are physically and mentaly challenged.

– The annual 4M Event helps to inspire musketeers and their friends.

– With the Muskathlons we fight for justice:
An ultimate challenge, an extraordinary location where we want to serve and support the poorest (Compassion), the persecuted (Open Doors) and the abused (A21) by running a Marathon and raising 10.000 euro per participant.

– Passing on the message of Christ is the reason that the 4th Musketeer exists. By books, the Musk magazine, studies and multimedia we want to reach out to the men of this generation.


  • Men who join us as participants or as volunteers.
  • Building bridges to the Wallonian Belgians.
  • Courage and blessing to go the extra mile time after time.
  • Make the movement known in Belgium.
  • Blessing upon finances.
  • Open visions: we want to reach all men no matter the background.


To become a volunteer we expect that to did a XCC as a participant.

We expect that you can work independent ( in a team with certain tasks). It is important that you are teachable and that you are physical and spiritual fit.


Ilja Visee


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