To see the whole Church in Belgium mobilized for cross-cultural mission to the world’s least- reached peoples locally and globally.

Kairos Course Brussels – March 2014


To present the Kairos Course to the Church in Belgium in a professional and structured manner, so as to encourage the emergence of indigenous mission movements that will result in strategic and effective outreach to least- reached peoples.


Kairos began in the Philippines in the early 1990s in a small city in the southern Philippines called Butuan, through Living Springs International (LSI), a ministry dedicated to mobilizing the body of Christ. Over 20,000 Filipinos have taken the Kairos Course since 1994. This has helped contribute to:

  • Mass mission mobilization of the Filipino Church
  • All 13 indigenous Filipino least reached people groups having an ongoing mission work.
  • The Philippines being now one of the top ten missionary sending countries in the world.
  • Kairos is now in more than 60 countries and translated into more than 24 languages!
  • Kairos began in Belgium in 2010 and the first course was conducted in April 2011.

The vision for Belgium is to see courses conducted on a regular basis in Flemish, French and English as well as other minority languages used by migrant churches in Belgium e.g. Spanish and Portuguese

What is Kairos? from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

The Kairos Course is a study of the Purpose and Plan of God from Genesis to the End of the Age. An exciting nine-session, interactive course challenging Christians to active and meaningful participation. The course utilizes a variety of learning styles, group discussions, lecture introductions, devotions, video teaching and student participation in special activities. The four main areas of mission concern, Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural are focussed on.

Course Format

Various formats can be used e.g. One evening per week, over nine weeks –2½ hours each evening.

Two weekends.

Five day intensive course.

Other formats can be considered.

For more information about and registration for the coming Kairos course, please contact:

Cultural meal during Kairos Course

Will Niell


Phone: +32 470 40 76 28


Prayer – For open doors into the various language communities and churches

Staff – For persons from the various language communities who can become part of a mobilizing team in Belgium and be trained as facilitators for the course and for an administrator.

Beamer to be used with courses

How can you be part of it?

Persons can be advocates of the course and promote it

Help organize a course in their church or region.

Assist with course administration and organization

Be a facilitator with a course