Homeless Ministry

I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,…  (Matt 25:35)

These basic words that Jesus spoke are a challenge to us that as Christians we are to radically love and be a demonstration of compassion, acceptance and kindness to every person because each person is made in the image of God.

Brussels has more than 2000 homeless people. When you walk the streets of Brussels, you will encounter at least one of them.  At first you see a lady with dirty clothes or a man sleeping underneath a blanket but each of them has their own story! They have been through tough situations, have come from a different continent with the hope of a better life in Europe, they lost hope in life,…

When you take time to listen to their stories, they soon become your friend instead of a stranger. They have a name instead of a need. You can see a light in their darkness.

What do we do?

We reach out to them in different ways. We go on the street with our project “See and Serve”. This means that every homeless person we meet, we will serve them. We serve them hot coffee, food and hand out clothes.  We want to build up friendship, sit next to them, listen to their stories and pray with them. We also open up our building to them! We invite them in to take a warm shower and eat a good lunch together.

We are also connected with Poverello, a homeless shelter in the Marollen. We want to serve organisations who are reaching out because when we work together, our impact is bigger!

What are the current needs?

Everything we hand out is given to us by donations. Our biggest needs are shoes, food, money and hands that like to serve!

Get involved

If you would like to support this ministry you can be a big help by donating clothes, food or money. You are also very welcome to join us once or on a regular basis!


Contact persoon: Nele Geuns

Email: nele@ywambrussels.be


Homeless Jesus

Homeless Jesus