The Finance department is responsible to ensure that all monies coming in and out of YWAM Brussels are correctly monitored and accounted for.  It is responsible to the leadership team and can advise and give suggestions on the use of money, especially on major items.

Where once the accounts were done by hand, now an on-line financial programme is used for all the finances and is verified annually by an accountant. There is a ongoing aim to streamline the programme to our use and to maximize its use.

What do we do?

  • Inform the Brussels leadership of the ongoing financial situation.
  • Check all items on bank statements.
  • Communicate all relevant income and expense to the different YWAM ministries.
  • Give regular overviews to the different ministries.
  • Help prepare annual budgets.
  • Help prepare official annual financial report.
  • Liaise with the other YWAM locations on financial matters.

What are the current needs?

Staff person to take over the responsibility for the department.