DTS Brussel voorkant A6 OK-webWhile a European politician rushes in his expensive suit to the metro, he passes by a Romanian beggar. The young guys hanging around the metro station don’t pay attention to the beggar, they are focused on the girls walking by. People smile and enjoy the little African toddler running around. 

Brussels, a city filled with people, a city with many cultures.
Brussels, many individuals, all looking for the meaning of life.

Vision UCDTS

The Urban Culture Discipleship Training School (UCDTS) has a longing to capture
Gods heart for the city. To see beyond the surface and to take others interests to heart.

We believe the way we can discover Gods heart for Brussels is by living as a community. By sharing life together we want to establish and enhance relationships.
Having fellowship through times of prayer, worship and discipleship.

What it looks like: Training, Serving & Culture

The training elements consist of prayer, worship, teaching and mentoring.
Through listening to fruitful teachers, studying the Bible and encountering Gods presence we want to be intentional in the renewal of our mind.
This fresh Kingdom perspective leads to sharing life and serving with love.

We want to serve by connecting with organizations who already are working
in various ways around the city. It is our goal to work alongside them, to learn from them and to strengthen what’s already present.

We want to explore different subcultures by collecting information, history and facts.
Through this increased understanding it is our aim to be relevant for these diverse people groups.

New Neighbours

During the school we will focus on our New Neighbours – Our society is changing quick and we become more international. We want to reach out and open our hearts to the persons coming to Brussels from all over the world. We want to see them like God sees them.

In both practical and spiritual ways we want to be part of their lives. During the school students will take time to work with specific subcultures, to get to know them and serve them wherever needed.

DTS Brussel Acterkant A6 OKE DATES kopieAnd after that…?

We invite those students who will join the UCDTS to continue working alongside YWAM Brussels. Driven by Gods heart for this city (or another city), we hope that students will make a lasting difference with their gifts, talents and passions.

Dive into Brussels,
be immersed by its people
and start colouring the culture.


  • September 6, 2016 until May 24, 2017
  • Please try to apply as early as possible!
  • Because of visa reasons, we ask applicants from third world countries to apply before September.


All the teaching will be in English. Other languages spoken on YWAM Brussels: French, Dutch, German and Luxembourgish.


Administration Fee: €30,- [Non-Refundable]
Single – €6000,- in total [€3000,- Lecture Phase + €2000,- Housing & Food + €1000,- Travel]
Couple – €14.000,- in total [€ 6000,- Lecture Phase + €6000,- Housing & Food + €2000,- Travel]

How to apply?

  1. Fill out the online application form HERE
  2. Done!

Do not hesitate to call or email us for any question big or small:
+32 2736 3363

You can connect with us on Facebook through: www.facebook.com/DTSBrussels