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‘Youth with a mission’
brussels // Belgium

YWAM Brussels is a creative community of people that loves doing life together.

In our team of five we have : Benjamin, a Dutch football player with a heart for children who studied in Belgium for a while before joining the team // Desiree, a dancer from Mexico who also plays the drums and prepares delicious guacemole // Richt-Jan, book shop manager from the Netherlands who’s been in Brussels the longest of us all. He speaks very well Dutch, French and English.

The team is led by Ole Johan and Juliette, who have recently moved to Brussels from London. Ole Johan is originally from Norway and Juliette from the Netherlands. After serving with YWAM in London for several years they felt from God to embrace Belgium as their new home !

YWAM Brussels is in a time of transition and so you will find that some ministries and schools that have been running for a long time have been put to standby, while re-organisation is creating space for new ministries to be established. It’s an exciting and challenging time to be at YWAM Brussels!


Upcoming Events

It is an exciting year, with lots of plans being made – Refurbishments to our café area are ongoing and outreaches to different European cities are on the schedule as well! Of course we will be investing in our beautiful home city with dance and sports outreaches. Stay connected through our social media : Check the ‘Updates’ section for our Instagram account. 

Dance and sports training continue throughout the year. 
‘Home in the Marsh’ Dance is training on a daily basis. They’re available for events, performances and city outreaches! They also give dance classes on Wednesday afternoon and evening for the beginner and intermediate level dancer if you’re interested!
‘Remedy Sports’ trains in Jubelpark on Wednesday nights and are also getting ready for races like the Brussels Half Marathon, apart from their weekly football trainings in Cinquantenaire!

”We have just finished a summer full of events: The ‘Football & Fitness’ Internship and the ‘Dance’ Internship have been on outreach in Paris and London; using both football games and dance performances to create community and speak of Gods love!
At the moment we are sharpening our French language skills, refurbishing our building and doing weekly outreaches in Brussels’ city centre serving the homeless and the refugees.”