”The Sports Discipleship Training School is a five month’ lifestyle program for athletes who long to follow Gods call on their life ! Discipleship, community, challenging teaching and local outreach are weekly returning activities on the agenda.

Next to the general DTS curriculum with teachings on for example ‘Hearing Gods Voice’, ‘Identity’, ‘Authority’, ‘The Fatherheart of God’ among other key topics, there is a weekly sports training schedule.
12 Hours a week are set apart for sports training – with football, running, fitness/work out being the main focus points.

We will learn about the importance of sports in the kingdom of God, hear about ‘sports and the prophetic’, and apply ways to use sports as a tool to transform society wherever we are called.

We practice using sports in community events; passing cultural boundaries and making friends in the city, for example. We train together and go out for evangelism using football and fitness.
During the Sports DTS, you learn to use your athletic skill in a missional way. Local outreach in Brussels and Belgium provide lots of opportunity for this, as well as a planned outreach abroad. #sportsdts #ywamsports #ywamsportsinternational #ywambrussels #remedysports #sportsmissions via Instagram on https://ift.tt/2YWwhe1